Auto Insurance

Let Fuente Insurance help you find the right automobile insurance for your specific needs at the rate you can afford. All auto insurance policies include liability coverage (as required by law), which protects you financially if you’re responsible for an accident. There are also optional plans that cover damages—regardless of whose fault the accident is—in addition to those that cover medical bills, roadside assistance, and damages due to theft or vandalism.

Aside from Personal Auto Insurance, we can also help you find the best rates for the following:

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance can protect you from both bodily injury liabilities and property damage liabilities; it can also aid in medical payments and roadside assistance. Comprehensive and collision coverage is available for motorcycles, scooters, motocross bikes, mopeds, and other motorbikes.

Boat Insurance

Let us help you find the best insurance for your personal watercraft, jet boat, sailboats houseboat, or fishing boat. Insurance services include on-water towing, roadside assistance, total loss replacement, and more.

Antique/Collectors Car Insurance

Keep your investments safe with Collectors Car Insurance, which includes protection against both theft and damage.

RV Insurance

Find insurance for motor homes, motor coaches, and travel trailers, including campers. Coverage includes vacation liability, emergency expenses, and more. It can also protect your traveling companions and your valuables.

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